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Favorite Make up Tutorials:

I use to not be a fan of makeup tutorials on youtube mostly because either the quality of the video is not so good or mostly because I just couldn’t follow them; That was on till I found pixiwoo.com.

Pixiwoo is run by 2 amazing makeup artists out of the UK who are also sisters! The way they explain each step is extremely easy to understand and follow and they always have amazing tutorials from my favorite Victoria Beckham to the now very popular 60s trend!

You can follow them at http://www.pixiwoo.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo

Beauty Tip: How to Wear Highlighters

I love wearing makeup highlighters to give me that natural glow which sometimes I do not have naturally.

Here is a quick tip to achieve that natural glow while doing your makeup. Before applying foundation and/ or powder, use a dap of cream highlighter onto your T zone and above cheekbones to create that natural glow. 

Beauty Tip: Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

When your skin needs
a day off to breathe,
add a little foundation
to your face moisturizer.
It will give your face a little
tinted of color and
 hydrate your skin

Beauty Tip: Rosy Cheeks

An old school tip to have the perfect rosy cheeks has always been to pinch your cheeks, but if you want to achieve the same effect without the pain and longer lasting; A translucent pink gel blush is a great way to achieve the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone. 
photo: moxieq.com

Beauty Tip: How to Prevent Make Up to Melt

During the summer I use to not wear as much make up because, more than likely it will be on for 2 hours and later look like a huge mess. Thankfully, I recently came across some fantastic beauty tips that help my make up stay longer and look amazing!

  • Start your make up with an Oil free primer. If you have a T zone skin, only apply on the oily areas
  • Liquid foundation would be less likely to rub off with sweat
  • Pick a mouse base blush
  • And lastly finish it all with a setting spray.

photo: healthcareadvices.com

Beauty Tip: Keep it Cool

To help your skin care
 products lasting longer,
 keep them refrigerate
after opening them.
In the case of wrinkle creams,
 you can get a better ‘lift’
from colder creams
than room temperature.

Tip for Healthy Nails: Conditioning

A home remedy to hydrate dry brittle nails is to soak your fingers in a bowl of virgin oil daily for a few minutes, but if you are not very in to home remedies you can always rub a drop of cuticle oil onto the top of the nail and under the tip daily.