Faux fur

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Fur coats have been a very important part of fashion by giving women a touch of sophistication. This fall/ winter 09/10, fur is coming back in a huge way! It was two decades ago was when fur was as in style as it is this season, but this time it comes with more options. This season is not only about the different styles but we also have a variety of different of colors that in past seasons were not available. We are able to get this versatility with fur because of “ Faux Fur”.

“Faux fur” is as its name sounds, fake fur (Faux meaning fake in french). It is made of small acrylic fibers. These fibers can easily be dyed to

<3 her Victoria Beckham

❤ her Victoria Beckham

create colors and patterns that look like real fur. This option is very good for animal lovers, such as myself. Many fashion designers, such as Betsey Johnson, Cynthia Vincent, Rachel Zoe on her line on QVC, and H&M are creating pieces with faux fur, instead of real fur. Thankfully, celebrities are also choosing the option of faux fur. Hopfully, many will follow their examples and choose fuax!

dolce-and-gabbana-pink-furBecause of its versatility, many designers have created more colorful and less traditional fur pieces, such as the crazy pink coat by Dulce & Gabbana. Personally, I’m of a more traditional style and I prefer the more conservative black, but it is all up to you and your style.

So now you know. When you have to get something with fur (and I mean anything because it comes in everything and anything), choose Faux. It’s cheaper and fantastic.


3 responses to “Faux fur

  1. I love the fact that faux fur is playing a huge roll in fashion. It is becoming a necessary fashion this fall. Designers are playing with dyes and such to make faux fur more and more attractive. I also love that you incorporated a celebrity into the post. It give an extra push towards supporting faux fur.

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