Fear to be Fierce


Animal prints on fashion scare me…There I said it.  I honestly do not know why. I see all this women looking fabulous with this trend but when I try it on my self, I just don’t feel the same it looks as great, even sometimes  feeling like I’m over doing it. The bad news at least for me is that they are HUGE right now. Some of the designers doing animal prints this season are, Monique Lhuillier, Diane Von Furstenberg, Valentino, Chloé ( ) , Cavalli and many more. Honestly animal prints would always be on the runway in one way or another.

Because of this I have decide it to be fierce this season and try it, AND I suggest all the ladies with the same fear to try  it also. To my luck not only fall/ winter 09/10 comes with animals prints but also spring 2010.  Gorgeous leopard, zebra, and reptile prints are now on top of my shopping list. I guess at first I can start with accessories ( baby steps darlings). Also im of a small to average high so if you are like me you may not want to wear a leopard print dress, because it could look  like to much on you, but an accessory such as leaper shoes would me FAB! Later I can try the shirt and maybe … just maybe mix them ( the right way).

Wish me Luck!!!




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