What is up with Plaid?????


In honor of my hubby’s birthday, I am going to answer a question that he asked me a few days ago. “What’s up with plaid??”. He was refering to how many people, especially women, are wearing this type of pattern. So here today, on his wonderful birthday, I’m going to answer his question. Plaid is a must have for fall/winter, not just this year but every year.

plaid1Even though plaid is a must have for this season, and you might see plaid everywhere on sale, it is very important to remember that plaid is a goodplaidbit tricky to wear and to look good, it must be worn properly. It is important to keep it simple and stick to only one item with plaid. Also, if you are petite, try to not get huge patterns. All that pattern on such a petite person can overwhelm the figure. Try accessories. I’d recomend the king of plaid itself, BURBERRY. Their accessories would give your outfit the sophistication you need to have a gorgeous plaid ensemble. When you get a plaid shirt, which are so in this season and I’m pretty sure you already have one, make sure it fits you right. The wrong fit, for example, too small, can make the plaid shirt look horrible.

To horrible

To horrible

This season, plaid comes in many fun colors, such as deep blue, purple, hotpink, lime green, and turquoise. Also, make sure you know what matches with what. For example, the hot pink and lime green plaid usually have a black base, so they would go good with black pants.

Plaid is a bit tricky, but extremly in this season. Just try to keep it simple and make sure you know what colors go with what and then you’re good to go!



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