A bit jealous

Gorgeous H&M in Barcelona

Gorgeous H&M in Barcelona

To every one in the west coast, east coast, some parts of the Midwest, Atlanta and Orlando; I am extremely jealous of you. You might wonder why? What could all these places have in common that make me so jealous of them? These three little syllables, H&M!!! H&M has around 1,800 stores spread over 34 markets and guess what…none of them near me. You might ask why I want an H&M in my city. What is so good about H&M? I already have a Forever21; do I really need another affordable, fashionable store in my area? Well darlings, I DO. Have you heard of the designers that collaborate with them each season?   Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Viktor and Rolf and this year, JIMMY CHOO!!!!!!! Yes the same Jimmy Choo as the gorgeous and fabulous shoes that cost thousand of dollars. Tell me who Forever21 has???? The closes they have gotten to a designer was a law suit for ripping off an actual design from someone else.

I know, I sound like a total Forever21 hater, but I’m really not. I sometimes shop at Forever21. I really like some of their stuff and I absolutely love their prices. My problem is knowing that there is something better out there and not having it = (

So please H&M, I’m not asking for much, just open a store near me. It doesn’t have to be in my city but maybe somewhere near it (I don’t mind fashion road trips <3). Or at least let us shop online in America.



2 responses to “A bit jealous

  1. i doubt that it will last long til H&M opens their onine shop. Europe already got one..

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