Top Five Chanel Timeless Creations


Every creation by Chanel screams class and sophistication because of this many of her creations have become classics. I t was not an easy task but here I give you my top five timeless items from Chanel.

1) Chanel 2.55 handbag-

Coco Chanel, herself had a very refreshing attitude to copies of her famous designs: “I would shed tears the day no one copied me.”

Coco Chanel, herself had a very refreshing attitude to copies of her famous designs: “I would shed tears the day no one copied me.”

Most of Coco Chanel’s designs were influenced by her love of horse racing, Because of this The 2.55 is based on the quilted coats worn by boys Chanel-Vintage-255-Curved-Flap-Quilted-Bag_10474_front_largeat the race track.Chanel used a running stitch, quilting the bag in a diamond or herringbone pattern The 2.55 also contains a secret pocket inside the front flap. It is claimed that in her original, Coco Chanel use to hid love letters received from a lover. Another iconic characteristic of this bag is it chain strap. Chanel notices the need for women of society to have their hands free to carry their glass of champagne or reading their theater programmers this is why she added this chain to the bag.

2) Chanel little black dress –


22Nothing would ever surpass the iconic Chanel Little Black Dress. It was created during a time when color dominated fashion but because its 222simplicity and sophisticated style, it became a timeless item.

3) Chanel classic tweed suit –


33In 1928 Chanel created this iconic two- piece tweet suit inspire by her trip to Scotland. This suit has been a most for every icon of fashion such as Jackie O. Because if its sophistication this timeless item has been re created many times and it will stay with us for many seasons to come.


4) Chanel sailor stripe shirt-


Inspire by the French Navy, Chanel designed the first blue and white striped shirt and matched it with a pair of slacks. Later other interpretations were crated, with the always constant of the stripes Even now days the sailor’s stripe shirt is a must have on every women’s wardrobe.

5) Chanel No.5


No one can disagree the most famous perfumes in history is the Chanel No.5. It was created by Ernest Beaux in 1921. Chanel wanted to create something with an artificial smell. Beaux inspirations were the scent of extreme freshness of the northern lakes under the midnight sun. She is quoted on the chanel-no5-audrey-tautou-ad-campaign-8official Chanel website as saying “I want to give the world something artificial…. like a dress. Something that has been made…. I want a perfume that is a composition”.  She named it No.5 because No. 5 was one of the formulas chosen out of a series of 10 perfumes presented by Beaux. The name was kept since Coco Chanel was presenting one of her dress collections on May 5 that year


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