The True Horror of Halloween

I know this topic may upset some girls and they might disagree with me, but someone has to say it. Now days, the true horror of Halloween is the slutty little costumes that some girls wear… there, hate me world!!!! I know, I know…some are totally cute, but ladies, there is a VERY thin line between cute and “whocci mama slutty”. Isn’t Halloween supposed to be about horror and death and monsters. When Halloween changed to “let’s get our inner slut out”. People, I have seen the most innocent of girls transformed into the sluttiest of all on Halloween night. Maybe the transformation into something horrific is the new horrible thing!

Here are my problems with the slutty costumes on Halloween.  Some girls, after partying for a while, just don’t look right

Heidi Klum as SHeeva on Halloween

Heidi Klum as Kali on Halloween

because their costumes don’t fit right and they do look horrific. I remember a few years ago, I went to a Halloween party and a girl showed up as a Victoria’s secret model. Yes she was only wearing a bra, boy shorts, and a huge wing!!!! First of all, she did NOT have the body of a VS model. I really don’t want to describe the torture I was forced to see, but trust me, it was traumatizing. Look at Heidi Klum, she is a real VS model and her Halloween costumes are terrifying . Oh and then the girls who can actually pull of the costumes, You know the ones that will have their Halloween picture as their  facebook profile picture forever, because they look the sluttiest… I mean according to them “sexiest”. This girls after partying for a while, their make up runs down things might pop out that are not supposed to be shown, but are shown. They end up looking like a HUGE MESS. The problem with this is that if they had only looked harder and focused on a costume that was first manageable and then cute and sexy, they could had found something that  even after the parting is over  it still looks good this way they could have pull a good- cute- hopefully-with- the- actual theme- of- Halloween costume.

So ladies PLEASE I’m begging you this year , yes you can keep it cute and if you really really have to yes also a bit sexy ( please not whore-ish ok ) but PLEASE,  also



2 responses to “The True Horror of Halloween

  1. Totally agree; gone are the days when girls would dress up as princesses..

    Klum is dressed up as Kali, not Shiva. Just thought I’d let you know 😛

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