Celebrities Fashionistas

Now days been a celebrity is not enough. Many celebrities realized that by using their name and fame is they can sale many products, with many of the opting for fashion. Here is a list of some of these celebrities who added to their resume fashion designers.


Jennifer Lopez-

Besides acting, singing and dancing she is also a fashion designer sense 2001. Honestly I’m not a big fan. Beside using real fur her cloths are not really my style. But you can always check it out at ShopJLo.com

Jessica Simpsonjessica_macys

Jessica Simpson really knows how to branch her name. She has a shoe line, handbag line, make up line; sunglasses line even a hair line, just to name a few. OMG and actually her stuff are not bad at all. As a hand bag addict her bags are pretty good and cute and also are her shoes.


In 2004 Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowels, started this fashion line called House of Dereon, later Beyonce and her sister Solange, created Dereon line, the more affordable line for younger people.

I do like House of Dereon line; it is the more high-end line of the 2 with many gorgeous dresses. As for Dereon… again not my style but you can check out both at houseofdereon.com and dereon.com.


Olsen Twins

There extremely rich girls added fashion to their resume. They started with their kids’ clothing line a HUGE hit. Now they are creating The Row, a high fashion line, as well as Elizabeth and James (named after their sister and brother), a more affordable options styling. I actually like both line, they are very simple but at the same time what makes it sophisticated. You can find them at Niemen Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

lamb00Gwen Stefani

In 2004 Gwen Stefan started the fashion line called L.A.M.B. (Love Angel Music Baby).    She is definitively one of the most stylish musicians and luckily many of her collections reflect them. I L.O.V.E. this line!!!!! Is definitely funky but soooo cute. One of my favorites. You can find them at Nordstrom

Heidi Klum

She is the host/ head judge of one of my favorite shows “Project Runway”, oh and lets not forget she is also a supermodel. She has done a jewelry line for Mouawad, sandals for Birkenstocks and clothing for Jordache, not to mention working on the Victoria’s Secret lingerie line name after her “The Body” and a makeup line with her name.


Lauren Conrad, Lauren Conrad Collection and LC Lauren Conrad

Her first line, the Lauren Conrad Collection was not really big success, mostly because of the not so well made quality and very high price. This fall she is bringing a new more affordable line named LC Lauren Conrad. For the price they are not bad! You can find it at Kohl’s stores.


Nicole Richie

Every one notice how maternity changed Nicole Richie. She helped design a stylish maternity line called A Pea in the Pod. In 2008 she launched House of Harlow 1960; a line of 60s and 70s influenced jewelry. Recently she is adding a contemporary clothing line for babies and women. Both her clothing line and her jewelry line are extremely cute. It is a great option for pregnant women


Penelope Cruz

Here is something you might not know about Penelope Cruz, she has a twin sister name Monica ( <3). Here is another thing you might not know  they both created a line of jewelry and handbags for the Japanese chain Samantha Thavasa. Later they created a clothing line for Spanish retailer Mango. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to see any of there merchandise so I honestly don’t have an opinion =(


Rachel Bilson, Edie Rose

Black, white and yellow are the colors of this line. In collaboration with DKNY Jeans, the actress’ line of mod dresses and menswear-inspired pieces. Named after her grandmother (Edie) and fiancé Hayden Christensen’s grandmother (Rose), the line was available in the junior’s department at major department stores. The line is very cute and very in style with today’s fashion


Victoria BeckhamBOOTCUTDVB

One of my favorite fashionistas. The New York Times writes more than any other designer, Posh is “the personification of her brand.” Her dvb line is gorgeous and sophisticated and very in.

Whitney Port

Out of all “Hills” stars with a fashion line Whitney Port is definitively the one with the more sophisticated line. She created the Whitney Eve line of party dresses in 2008 with friend Adrienne Baravetto. She also has the more casual line Eve & A, featuring convertible dresses and jackets. The line is very girly and feminine… and I like it. You can find it at http://whitneyport.celebuzz.com/2009/01/purchase-whitney-eve-clothing-online.php



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