The Perfect Jeans for you

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Jeans are something that would always be in, no matter  the season. This is why we need to learn which jeans  flatter better our body type. I know I have sais this many times but ladies remember many crazy things can be in style BUT if it does not fit you it is just not for you.

There are 4 basic body shapes,
Pear Shape – Long neck, narrow shoulders, small bust, defined waist, curvy hips, full thighs

Straight Figure – Thin arms and legs, flat stomach, boyish figure, no curves

Hourglass Figure – Hips and bust are equal size, narrow waist, full bust, shapely legs

Inverted Triangle Shape – Broader shoulders, full bust, narrow hips, undefined waist, flat rear end

After you find your body type  you should look for this type of jeans;

Pear Shapeboot cut
The is ideal cut for this shape is Boot cut because it balance the proportion of the curves of the body. Also try to find something with a dark wash.  Other options that could work  for  this body type are the Flare cut, Wide leg, and the boyfriend cut.

skinny jeansStraight Figure
Super skin and slim fit work great! Also something with ankle length and low rise could be another option . If you want to add some curve  Flare cut jeans could give you that

Hourglass Figurelevis-boyfriend-jeans
Almost everything works for this body type! Boot cut, Super Skinny, Slim, and boy friend cut. Try to get a low rise cut in the front and a higher cut in the back.

straightlegInverted Triangle Shape
Boot cut or straight cut are the best. Other good options are the slim fit and the boyfriend cut. Try to get jean that are made more of a stretch materials.

**Also a great tip for  petite ladies are the straight leg jeans**


4 responses to “The Perfect Jeans for you

  1. Anything that can help you achieve a slimmer waist is good advice to follow. Thank You for the information…much appreciated!

  2. I dont know what type of body shape I have. What do I do?

    • Here are some tricks to know:

      If you have an Inverted triangle body, generally your upper body has a larger frame than the rest of your body, such as a large chest or breasts for your frame or broad shoulders.

      If you have a Pear Shape body, Your hips and thighs are the largest part of your body and yous upper body is the smallest. When you gain weight, it tends to show up around your thighs and hips

      If you have an Hourglass shape, your upper and lower body match and you have a small waist

      Hope this helps!

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