I wish I was a little more like her…


So I’m pretty sure all of you ELLE readers are very familiar with the ELLE READER ADVICE section by E. Jean, properly named ASK E. JEAN. Well I absolutely love it! I don’t really read it to get advice about my love life or work, but because is so hilarious. No offence but some of the people who write to her have some hmmm… how can I put it … questionable issues. For example, I loved the one when a girl in her early 20s asked her how could she asked her friends to give her wedding presents after she is getting married once again in less than  2 years, with a different men. She basically tells her  that it is trashy enough that she is marring a different man in such a short period of time and on this recession she would be lucky if any one shows up to her wedding. Her response is priceless!!!! I love love love her and I so would love to be like her. She can tell people how it is and keep it super classy at the same time. People who can do that really have my respect! Oh and have I mention that she is so elegant. If you have not had a chance to read her articles you definitely need to you would enjoy them!


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