From Corsets to Spanx

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I have not yet required the services of the spanx. I say yet because I know that no matter my diet, exercise or my wonderful genes, a time would come when spanx would be necessary.

Way before the spanx women use corsets to slim their figure. The corsets were created in the 16th century France to slim women’s waist. Luckily in the present we have other more comfortable ways to look fabulous!

Spanx started in 1998 by Sara Blakely and her great idea to cut the feet out of her pantyhose to look fabulous on her cream pants. Spanx are HUGE right now and they have many options; from first footless pantyhose to bodysuits. There is no one that I know has not at least considered getting them for the “bloating days “. Of course they are other options such as plastic surgery, that by the way I’m not against ; But if you either don’t have the money or are a bit afraid of surgeries, spanx are great options.


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