Giving Thanks for Fashion 2009

Today is Thanksgiving; time to say thanks for all the blessing that we had this year. Usually the thanks that we give are for good health, new job, or a new addition to the family, but sense this is a fashion blog I want to give thanks for all the great things about that we got in the fashion world in 2009.

First of all with 2009 came back elegance with a mix of Roman draping style during spring/ summer. Also during this season the comeback of ruffles everywhere and my favorite the return of one shoulder or asymmetric dresses. No one knows how much I wanted that style to come back and it finally did! Spring/ summer also brought us brighter colors back and a mixture of safari and fears animal patterns.

During this season also the accessories had great style. In shoes roman/ gladiator style was definitively IN, gold made a come back and the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses surely confirm that this year was the year of the 80s comeback.

Every one remember how bad the 80s where for fashion, so during fall/winter 2009 the retro 80’s style came back with more elegance and better style. Layering is a most this season, just like during the 80’s blazers and motorcycle jackets are a most. Also jeans had a retro makeover, this time is all about slim or boyfriend cut. Another trend that I absolutely loved this season was the return of the combination of black and white in your outfit. Before this season combining black and white was very tricky because the outfit might have looked a bit waitress like, but thanks to the elegance of fall/ winter 2009 we don’t have that problem any more ( of course if you wear them right ). Also 2009 welcome the trend of sequins, now we can shine by accentuating our outfit with some sparkle sequins accessory, pants, top, dress or even shoes. And talking about shoes this fall / winter 09 is all about the boots, from flat ankle boots, to the very popular thigh high boots. And who can forget about the great accessories, wrist watches are a must, bold necklaces that I personally adore and finally a great beautiful option for animal lover faux fur!!!!

Personally I’m very thankful for the elegant Pick- a boo fendi handbag, the crazy Louis Vuitton high heels and the comeback of the classic Chanel 2.55. Also I’m extremely happy that even though they said that last season was their last season, project runaway came back YAY!!!!


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