The Ladies Di

Every one knows that I am addicted to hand bags. There are so many gorgeous handbags that drive me crazy. This season fendi stole my heart with the peek- a – boo hand bag and the season before was the marc Jacobs / Louis Vuitton Manhattan bag. Designers are always creating gorgeous handbags that drive a purseaholics like my self INSANE, but only a lucky few of these handbags become legendary.

A very elegant and conservative handbag, the favorite of many important women and named after a legendary British royal; the lady Dior is definitively one of my top classic handbags. In 1995 Dior released their new Dior hand bag line. The first person who became a huge fan of this exclusive handbag was the First Lady of France at the time Madam Chirac. Chirac was also the one who introduce the bag to the legendary late Princess Diana. The bag soon became one of Lady Di’s favorite accessories, showing it off at many events. Just by becoming one of her favorite handbags, the lady Dior became a symbol of class and sophistication. It is rumored that the bag was name after her. I honestly think the rumors are true! Who better that Lady Di, an icon of class and sophistication to be the inspiration to this very elegant bag!

I absolutely adore this bag and hope one day to be able to add it to my collection!


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