The Best Christmas Present

The Holidays are here!!!!! My favorite season of all. I absolutely adore everything about this time of  the year; the music, the decorations, the traditions, parties and the shopping. We can not forget that this is the season of giving. It is very traditional to buy gift to friends and family, but this year lets try something different. We are in a global recession right now and many people don’t really have enough money not just for presents but for the daily essential, so this holiday season lets give back to the less fortunate by donating our clothes  and iteams that we don’t wear or use any more. The rule is if you haven’t worn it in a year more than likely you would never wear it. Also they have to be article in good condition.

If you are very bless and your items are things that are worth a lot of money, it would be better to sale or auction them first and all the profits going to the charity of your choice. Or you could be someone secret angle and surprise them with the stuff they need. Many churches and charity organization have this program.

They are many positive things to donating your unwanted items. First of all you get a tax reduction (yay). You also are doing something for our planet by recycling; yes donating your unwanted items is a way of recycling, and most important of all, knowing that you made a difference to someone this holiday season. And remember, after the holidays are over you can still donate if you have a lot of unwanted items, after spring cleaning =)

You can go to any church and charity organization for more info.

Here are some helpful links

Charity guide

Salvation Army


Catholic charities

Episcopal Charities


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