Why not my dogs, Gucci?

So, recently Gucci came up with the cutest key chains in the shape of dogs. They are absolutely adorable and I would love to have one; The only problem is, they only made a few breeds and none of them look like my dogs!!!! You might think I’m crazy, why do I even care, if they are that adorable? Well as crazy as these sounds I absolutely love my dogs and I don’t see the point of getting a Boston terrier key chain if I don’t even have a Boston terrier. I’m not even asking for my dogs’ breed, just something that resembles it. If you are lucky to have one of the breeds that Gucci did create, well you are in luck!

Go to Gucci’s website to see if they have your dog


Picture created @ polvore.com


2 responses to “Why not my dogs, Gucci?

  1. I am frequently looking for brand-new blogposts in the world wide web about this subject. Thankz.

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