Holidays 2009: the office

This is for all my professional girls, December is here so, lets get ready for all the office Christmas parties!!!Yes it is a party but let’s not forget that it is also a business event. Don’t forget to always act professional, but these does not mean to not enjoy yourself, just remember that other people are watching you and they would remember what you did. Also just because it’s a party does NOT mean that you can wear you clubbing attire. First ask if the party is going to be formal or casual, then try to find a more conservative party outfits but try to not lose your style. Here are some ideas

First if you don’t have a chance to change try to glam up your work outfit for that day

If you do have time to change you can never go wrong with black ♥

And lastly if your office Christmas party is a bit more glamorous get a fabulous dress, but again not forgetting that it is an office event meaning the more conservative the better.


5 responses to “Holidays 2009: the office

  1. About time u speak to the fashionable business women! Lol Besos

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  3. Where is that white blazer style cardigan from?? Love it!

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