Top 5 Best Tech Gifts for Her

Here are my Top 5 best Tech gifts for her…

5. Wii Fit – Its fun and it is great to work out. Also after all the delicious food we indulge during the holidays, working out it’s a most!

4. Hi- Tech facial Cleansing – there are many versions of this at different prices but the more hi- tech the better like Clarisonic.

3. Digital Reader- I know not everyone likes to read but if you are like me and you just don’t have more space for so many book this is a great option.

2. Net book- They are not just extremely adorable but they are great to travel. Keep in mind they don’t have as much memory as a regular lap top or desk top but the solution to this problem is simple, just save most of your heavy item on a flash drive and voilà!

1. Silk’n Sens Epil- you might wonder what this is, well ladies this is the greatest invention for women yet ( well at least to me ) the Silk’n SensEpil is “a [ hair removal] device cleared by the FDA for home use that can be used anywhere below the neck It requires multiple treatments to have the best results.”  Yes it is also a bit pricey, but if you have dark hair or are just annoyed of shaving this is a great solution!!!!


6 responses to “Top 5 Best Tech Gifts for Her

  1. Unbelievable

    Hey my name is Karen I am from a middle eastern background and had suffered due to my unwanted hair all my life… and i am not talking shaving my legs that would of been more or less manageable I am talking about arms..stomach back I feel embarrassed from even writing these things online. But i tried silk’n hair removal and it had changed my life no longer did my day surround around waxing, shaving, creams and constant feeling of insecurity. After i had tried silk’n i noticed how fast the hair started disappearing, Now after only seven procedures i am hair free!!! i feel confident when it comes to wearing shorts or skirts i am not afraid of my shirt lifting a bit on my back while i am sitting down…. obviously it a plus when it comes to intimacy i do not mind to still once in a month to use silk’n just to make sure the hair doesn’t grow back its easy and doesnt consume too much time …give it a try i can promise you would be as satisfied as i am.

  2. ohhhh i have a silk’n! its really easy to use and not painful at all. so far i’m seeing really good results after 6 months

  3. I was just at the silkn site and saw that they’re currently doing a 15% discount. considering picking one up myself

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