Please Help My Feet

Like most women I love shoes especially high heels. If you know me I’m pretty sure you would never guess that because I almost never wear them (except especial occasions of course). Well there is something that not that many people know about my feet they are different sizes. Yes I know many people have a slightly difference between each feet but mine is a pretty noticeable difference; they are almost A  SIZE different !!!!!!

I wish the size of my feet were the only problem but no, they are also too big for my height, to thin, and my toes are very long. (I can’t believe I’m telling the world this) Well because of all this “issues” I have a problem wearing shoes. For some reason I’m fine wearing sandals, flip flops (thank god I live in a mostly warm weather area), Boots and even some flats. My problem is when I want to wear gorgeous high heels that do not have a strap in the middle or an ankle strap. Also getting things my size is a nightmare, I either get something super small on one feet that kills me or a shoe that is to big and it looks like I’m a kid wearing grown up shoes (that’s why I need a strap to hold the ankle or the middle of my feet)

This is why I’m asking all of you for help! What can I do? Are there others with the same problem?

Please help my feet be fashionable!!!!!


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