Full, Long, and Dark

So we all know that long, full, dark eyelashes are fabulous, right?
Well not all of us are so lucky to have this fantastic characteristic. Luckily now days we have many options to solve this problem.  The most common way to add length and volume is with fake eye lashes, but to be honest I’m a bit clumsy and yes, also lazy to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY! So I decided to try one of the very popular lash grow products out in the market.

To be honest I’m not so unhappy with the length or color of my eye lashes, but I would really like my lashes to no fall so often and also more volume. Because of this I decide it to go with the drug store brand (and cheapest) L’Oreal Paris Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum.

The Lash Boosting Serum works by sweeping the curved shape applicator on to the upper lashes, just like mascara. Then like eyeliner, glide the applicator tip along the upper lash line.  Each coat of serum hydrates and conditions, this way when you take your eye makeup off, lashes are less likely to fall out because of friction, also they are supposed to multiply and look thicker in 4 weeks when you apply it twice a day.

My Results:

Day 1

Day 15

Day 30

With Makeup

As you can see, there is not much noticeable change. I’ll have to admit,I have see less if not even none lashes falling  when I take my make up off or in general, so I guess that was  good, especially  sense that was one of my main problems.  I guess I’ll use volume mascara for the thickness and keep using the Lash Boosting Serum to keep them from falling out.

If you do have a length problem with your eyelashes or just not enough lashes maybe you should try the prescription ones. They are more pricey that the drug store brand ($100- $150) but you would have better chances of positive results.


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