“Denim and Diamonds”

Recently a reader asked me;

“What to wear to an affair whose theme is Denim and Diamonds: Classy Chic”

After reading the question, the first thing that came to my mind was dark denim and a black top. You are never going to get it wrong with that combo. It is casual but at the same time classy and chic. Usually I’m more conservative with the accessories but sense the theme is Denim and Diamonds, I think this would be a great opportunity to wear fabulous bold shiny accessories. A gorgeous necklace, (in this case long because of the turtle neck), a beautiful and very bold bracelet and last but not least, fabulous heels.

Another option is, keep the dark denim but this time, add a blazer and a cute top. This option is a bit more dress up but still with a casual but elegant feeling. Again a fabulous necklace would work great, but with this one try to add a fantastic cocktail right (They are HUGE right now)

If the event is a bit more upscale then a fabulous dress and a denim blazer would be fantastic. I usually go for a darker denim during winter. To add a bit of color, picks a fun bright shade such as fuchsia. But if you don’t want to go with a color, again you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Add some gorgeous earrings, bold bracelet and of course the fabulous cocktail rings to add the Diamond part to your outfit. As you can see I picked two different shoes. If you are like me (not as tall as I would wish) the skin tone heels would help your legs look longer. If you don’t have that issue, then a pair of black ankle boots would look perfect.

I hope this help you!  have a fabulous time Darling!

If anyone needs my help, suggestions or Ideas please feel free to contact me and I would try my best to help you ❤


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