Spotlight of the month

Yassai 7 Jewelry

Military style accessories ( HUGE right now ) + Helping the cause
to stop Blood diamonds = Fabulous

Celebrities such as Rihanna and Zoe Sladana love it.

Where do you get the inspiration to create your designs?

We are inspired by fashionable people
around us and a desire to create pieces
that are fashion-forward that also help a cause

Do you try to send out a message or theme in your designs?

We are trying to send out an anti-war sentiment in all our designs.

How long have you been working?

We started Yassai 7 in July of 2007

What do you think is your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?

Our strengths are creating fashion-forward statement
pieces that can jazz up any outfit.
A main weakness is an international presence because
although we are carried in Japan, we would like to be more international.

Who is your favorite designer?

Alexander McQueen because he creates such unforgettable
clothing with a fun twist and we lost such a great designer this year.

What is your favorite season?

Spring season because such fun colors and florals in clothing.

What is your price range?

$45-88. Everything in our collection is under $100 for
stainless steel and silver earrings.
Great quality at a great price.

You can check out the site at


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