Spring Cleaning

Spring is FINALLY here, that means time for spring cleaning. If we were in different circumstances right now I’ll be telling you “out with the old in with the new”.  Unfortunately with the global recession, and natural disasters worldwide, fashion is not our top priority. During this hart times it is extremely important to stay positive, to help each other and unite.

Fashion might not be on the top of our list, but we all know that looking fabulous does a lot to the soul. This spring cleaning let’s not focus on our self but on others. Lets make the less fortunate’s soul smile!

Here are some ideas how:

First the usual, donate all you unwanted items (in good condition) to a charity. There are many shelters and Churches in your city where you can make a donation. You can try to find a charity that focused on the needs of the locals or on international needs. Lets not forgets about Chile and Haiti. In the case of Haiti they were already in disparate need even before the earthquake.

Save a lot of the cloths that you have for yourself.  It might sound silly but many people don’t repeat clothing after each season.  Yes things gradually change season by season BUT trust me you would have many fabulous things for fall 2010 with stuff from fall 2009 and even going back farther. It’s time to get smart people!

Have a garage sale with your friends and all the profit going to charity. It would be very fun and you would be helping ❤

Have a swap party!!!! I know you just love your friends shirt or her cute bracelet, this is a great way to get it and you can exchange that skirt that you no longer love.

I hope these ideas inspire you to go out and help. Most importantly remember don’t lose hope and stay positive. By staying positive we can surpass every obstacle and help a few people while we are doing it

Here again are some  helpful links

One of my favorites in Houston


Charity guide


Salvation Army




Catholic charities


Episcopal Charities



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