OMG Tim Gunn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About a month ago I found out that Tim Gunn was coming to my city!

I was so excited; he is definitively one of my favorite people in the world and a HUGE inspiration for this blog.

(Check the essential section!)

So, my hubby and I went to the fashion show and it was great!

He is so honest and so nice it made me admire him even more.

There was a part were we had a chance to take a picture with him and ask him anything.

That is a golden opportunity I couldn’t wait.

Well when it was my turn I couldn’t think of anything to say…

NOTHING!!! Either way he was fantastic.

I still can’t believe I met TIM GUNN!!!!


2 responses to “OMG Tim Gunn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. that would have been fascinating! lucky gal! did you learn any of his tricks/tips?

  2. What a great opportunity! I really admire him.
    XO Piper

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