Enhance Your Best Assets


If you have fabulous long legs like Cameron Diaz, here are some great ways to show the off.  Try to keep your upper body cover  get a gorgeous mini dress with long sleeves , or a combine a structural pair of shorts with a long blazer. By covering your upper body, you keep the focus on you fabulous legs. If you legs are not long but they are still very fabulous a skin tone high heel is a most.


Every girl wants a small waist. A belt is a perfect way to get attention to the waist. Some items of clothing come with ways to make your waist look smaller such as the wrap dress. Another trick is to use contras colors with a dark color on the bottom and a lighter on the top


It is not easy to have fabulous arms, if you do; you just HAVE to show them off.  The right cuts can help you show them off. Sleeveless, halter, and asymmetric are the best cuts. If you choose a strapless cut also get a very bold necklace so the focused is on your arms and not on your neck line.


To bring out your inner Kim K. or Blake Lively  focus has to be all on you cute booty . A pencil skirt and a tight cut dress would do the trick. If you wear jeans, the bigger the pocket the better! And don’t forget high heel would make your booty look even better.


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