Spotlight of the Month

Danny Nguyen Couture

A couple of month ago my hubby and I attended a local fashion show to support local designers and I was absolutely astonish with Danny Nguyen creations. Check him out!

With Danny Nguyen

What is your fashion education?
my fashion education is taught from my mother who was a seamstress and also a teach, she teaches people how to sew back in her home country

What were some previous jobs?
I only had one previous job which was a student console in a summer school program, teaching fine arts.
Where do you get the inspiration to create your designs? i believe a culture is very important, i get my inspiration for culture, heritage, arts, food, people of different culture, it really bring out the character in the clothes and the meaning behind it.

Do you try to send out a message or theme in your clothes?
yes i try to show people my vision of a idea of an art from a culture and how it can effect other, people are very strong on effecting  people and inspire them.

How long have you been working?
i been designing for 5 years now

What do you think is your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?
my strength is that i am still trying to move forward and be better and be known, my weakness is that i am still on the bottom of the list i might be better than some but there also people better than me so i can not be the best, never will and never be, but i can try to do the best i can

Who is your favorite designer?
Karl lagerfeld, gianni versace, john galliano, valentino

What is your favorite season?
both spring/summer and fall/winter  to me it is all about how you bring out th design and how you can tell an amazing story of the art and culture behind it

What is your price range?
my price range for pret a porter from 250-700 and evening to couture from 450-1000 and up depend on what is the order
You can go to

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