The stripes are a HUGE trend right now.  This trend is not new, one of Coco Chanel’s famous creation was the sailor stripe shirt, (one of my top 5 Sense then the stripes have been in style, and I believe is a save to say that they will stay with us for many seasons to come.


Louis Vuitton


There are a few tricks you have to know first before wearing strips.

*First of and most important, horizontal stripe can give the illusion of looking thicker.  Try thiner stripes in areas where you are wider such as hips or bust.* If you are pear shape, wear the stripes on your upper body.  Stripes are fabulous but they also make the illusion of making things look thicker than they are.

*If you have a triangular body shape (or want more booty). Try a straight stripe skirt.


One response to “Stripes

  1. if they are white, stripes are great.

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