Country Club Attire

Warmer weather means, more outdoor events! Many of the events are going to require “country club” attire.  I remember the first time I received an invitation with this specific attire I was freaking out.  What does this mean, polo’s and Khakis? This is why I decide to write about this, so no more girls have to freak out!

It is actually pretty simple, something a bit more dressy than every day cloths. Some things  that are not acceptable are Jeans, t-shirts and flips flops.

There is also a difference during day and night,

During the day you can wear a cute sun dress or a long dress, also linen pants or a skirt would be fabulous.

If is a night event you can go a bit more dressy such as a wrap dress, and white cotton pants

I hope this helps you!


5 responses to “Country Club Attire

  1. Such a good article Monica. This helps so much for this summer.

  2. Hope you’ll take part in Elements Magazine’s jewelry contest! You just have to answer two questions!

  3. We just stumbled across your blog and we LOVE it!
    Definitely will be following!

    Great post as well!

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