My Inspiration

If there are any people that I have to thank for my love for fashion and beauty,  are my mother and my grandma.

Growing up Mamamelda (my grandma) was a guru of beauty. She knew everything and anything that has to do with

Mamamelda and I

beauty; from make up to hair to skin even health. Way before yoga and eating healthy was the IT thing to do; she was doing yoga every morning and eating healthy and organic.  I recently notice that my nightly routine of cleaning my face is extremely similar to the one Mamameldas use to do.  In a way this was my inheritance from her.

Mami in the other hand is a huge reason why I love fashion so much. Growing up mami was a fabulous executive and had the best outfits. I remember always trying them on and dreaming on some day wearing them and been the power girl that she was. When I was 9 years old I finally fit on my mami’s clothes (yeah my mom is a bit short and I kind of grew too fast).  I was so excited, of course I couldn’t wear everything because I was only 9 -10 years old, but it was so exciting to go to her closet and pick outfits and borrow her accessories. As you can imagine I wasn’t able to fit on my mother cloths for long (She is 4’11 and size 5 shoe, and I am 5’5 and well with 2 gigantic feet that are different size). Even later in life during my pre teen and teen years, both of my parents were extremely understanding of my love for fashion; they knew that every single present either for Christmas, birthday, good grade, or whatever was going to be spent on cloth or beauty products.

So this Mothers day I really want to say thank you to both ( I’m pretty sure Mamamelda reads my blog from heaven with Papajuan)  Thank you for inspire me and for teaching me so many thing, and most of all thank you for loving me so much.


If you are looking for a unique present for mom this mothers day, How about making a donation in her name to organization such as Women for Women ( ) , The White Ribbon Alliance ( , FFAWN ( )




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