Two most read Books.

Lately life had turn a bit crazy, between the blog, the family and now the magazine I really don’t have much free time.  Even though life is insane, I always try to find time to relax by painting or reading.  The two books that I have recently finish reading are; “If you have to cry, Go outside” by Kelly Cutrone and the fabulous Victoria Beckham’s “That extra half an inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between”.

By now everyone knows Kelly Cutrone from the city and Kell on Earth. She is a total power girl, strong, and successful. When I found out she was coming out with a book, I just had to have it. To be honest I am far from Kelly Cutrone tough women attitude, I am more of a sensitive girly girl, so I was hoping by getting her book I could magically turn in to her.  Well I was wrong! This book does not have Kelly’s secrets to be Kelly Cutrone BUT how you can take your own experiences in life to become a power girl, not only in the fashion industry but in anything. I absolutely love this book and it has seriously helped me in so many ways.  Recently in a conversation with my hubby I said

“Promise me … wait don’t promise me anything I promise myself that I would be successful “.

Now Victoria Beckham’s “That extra half an inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between” it is  a most to keep in your closet, yes that’s where that book belongs. This book is AMAZING!!!! It has every tip that you need. If I have any question on what to wear for what I just open Posh’s book and there it is. Not only that but at the end of each section it tells you the best places to go shopping for an specific item AND it has extra pages for notes ( also amazing pictures of Fabulous Victoria Beckham).

If you get a chance to read these two books let me know what you think or if you have other most read books feel free to shear


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