Spotlight of the Month

LuShae Jewelry

You can Find this beautiful Jewelry at

Where do you get the inspiration to create your designs?

I suppose I’ve always been a fan of jewelry, design, art for as long as I can remember. I spend literally hours every single day browsing blogs and sites to get my fashion and design fix. I would not classify myself as a designer but I believe the longer your eye views a diverse range of designs the more it begins to form it’s own framework for what appeals and repulses it. So I guess you could say I get my designs from 20 years of passion for design : )

Do you try to send out a message or theme in your designs?

My message is definitely that fashion is for a season while true style lasts forever. Style is dependent upon long lasting artistic integrity in jewelry, something is not a classic because it’s an obnoxiously large diamond.. Precious gemstone jewelry can be painfully ugly and semi precious jewelry can become an instant classic (as well as match and exceed the durability of precious metals and gemstones)

How long have you been working?

On the web for 10+ years in one form or another (always marketing related). I’ve been running this business for just 2 years but have probably worked 3 years worth of hours : )  Never find it difficult to motivate myself, enjoy the customer interaction and love the challenges involved in running a business.

What do you think is your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?

Strength is that we’re not afraid to listen to our customers. Half of our designs I select. The other half we allow our customers to select via trending. This also happens to be our weakness because it results in a less coherent artistic theme among our selection.

Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designer is a close friend of mine. She wouldn’t allow me to mention her name (wants to be known only via the merrits of her design). She specializes in interior design but does everything from furniture to clothing. Her designs are so pure and seamless and like everyone I regard as a design inspiration I have no idea how or where her designs originate.. I guess she doesn’t follow and manages to draw upon something inside of herself. I’m 100% certain you will know her name in the next 10 years.

What is your favorite season?

Don’t have a favorite season..

What is your price range?

Price range is $50 – $400. Average price is $130. Higher ticket items are currently off the site but will be back shortly.


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