For my pear shape ladies: Jeans that Tim Gunn will Approve

Pear shape ladies, I bring good news. Finally I found jeans that would fit us … and Tim Gunn would approve!!!

As a pear shape women I usually have some major issues finding the right jeans. I usually end up with jeans that are way to big so they can fit my hips and butt.  I had tried so many brands, from 7 for all mankind to Joes and Rock and republic to A&F but at the end I always end up with the same issue.

I notice that this spring, the Gap was advertising their Jeans like crazy; More than likely because Denim is insanely IN right now. I decided to give them a shot; I mean, what could I loose.

Usually when I purchase jeans I try to follow Tim Gunns tips ( ❤ )

  • Dark denim
  • Low – rise
  • Most importantly for us STRAIGHT LEG

So after finding the jeans that qualified with all this criteria, I took the size that I should be ( 26 ) and the sizes that I usually have to get because of my hips ( 28 ) and I tried them on.  First I tried the size 26 thinking they were not going to fit but to my surprise the fit PERFECTLY!!!!

Finally my jeans don’t look like they are some baggy late 90’s jeans.  So ladies, I know that I’m not alone. Try the jeans and let me know how it goes for you!!!


2 responses to “For my pear shape ladies: Jeans that Tim Gunn will Approve

  1. You forgot to say what Jeans they are. Does gap only have one kind of jeans now?

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