Look Fabulous in Shorts!

Shorts are extremely IN right now. You can wear them casual with just a t-shirt or dress them up by adding the right accessories, such as a blazer.  Here are some tricks that would help you pick the right shorts for you.

♦ If you have short legs try short shorts. They will make the illusion of longer legs and would elongate your body.  But please be careful they are not too short. If they show your butt cheeks, they are WAY too short.

Yves Saint Laurent

♦If your body is an inverted triangle or straight, try shorts with volume such as pleaded.  Also you can try patterns and bright colors.

Karl Lagerfeld

♦If your body is pear shape, straight bermuda shorts would be your best friend. Try a neutral color or a simple hide pattern such as white vertical lines over white shorts.


♦A great way to go from day to night is by adding a  fabulous blazer and cute heels.

Anne Hathaway

♦Before you wear this trend try to find a fabulous exercise to tone your legs and if you want also bronze your legs.


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