The 40% Rule

According to research from the University of Leeds in the UK,
women who showed only 40% of their body are found more
attractive than women who show more than 40%.
Try to proportion your outfits; such as if you are
wearing short skirts, cover more of your upper body.

Blake Lively, Kiera Knightly, Victoria Beckham


8 responses to “The 40% Rule

  1. Great formula! I always new this was true, I just didn’t realize the percentage, something must be kept to the imagination!

  2. Excellent advice!
    XO Piper

  3. Sure wish this piece of advice could secretly land into some woman’s inboxes … Dont’cha agree?

    • Already done! maybe you guys can help me spread the word, so maybe you guys can shear it of facebook or twitter or even e-mail it to your friends! lol Thanks fabulous gals =)

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