Spotlight of the Month: Bessi by Carlos Zuniga

Who doesn’t love shoes? Bessi is a line of shoes that are absolutely fabulous and chic. I personally love the modern but simplistic design.  I recently had the chance to interview the designer

Starting your own shoe line is pretty fabulous! But why not the more traditional way of designing for an existing label?

Most design jobs are in NY or Europe and I didn’t want to leave Miami at the time. Design jobs are also very competitive and difficult to land unless you know someone. So I just decided to start my own brand.

What inspired you to do it?

I’ve always loved footwear. There aren’t many things I remember receiving as a kid, but I do remember most of my shoes. I still have the pair I wore on my 1st birthday. I remember going to sleep with my new shoes on. Ha!

What is your back ground or fashion education?

Educated at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Industrial Design.

What makes your shoes special?

I think my shoes represent a blend of “structure and personality.” I say structure because I find architecture as an inspirational element to my women’s shoes and personality because I also design based on people I’ve met or those who leave a lasting impression.

Do you try to send out a message or theme in your shoes?

The main theme and the one thing I find consistent in my footwear is minimalism. I find ways to make them stand out but minimalism always seems to be the theme.

How long have you been working?

I’ve been designing footwear for a couple of years now, but I officially launched in April of 09. But I’ve been designing things like furniture and watches for other companies. I currently design timepieces for 9 other brands.

Who is your favorite designer?

There are so many great designers of all kinds out there. To narrow it down to footwear, I’d have to say Giuseppe Zanotti.

Out of all your shoes which one is your favorite and why?

For womens, my favorite is the Valerie. That shoe is vicious. For the mens, I’d have to say the JD. I added a nice zipper design to it.

Where can we find your shoes?

You can find my shoes in a few boutiques in Miami. I’m also participating in the Nolcha New York Fashion week this September to showcase my new mens collection.

You can find more info about Bessi & Co on their website






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