Tips for a More Organize Closet

As every fashionistas, my closet is my favorite room in the house. I love my closet so much that I don’t let anyone earls but myself clean it and organize it. Here are some helpful tips that help me keep my closet organized.

Divide things – If you are not bless with a gigantic, glorious closet, the first step is to divide things in 3 piles: donate or sale, keep and throw away.  The rule is if you have not wore it in more than a year then either donated or sale it. Remember to only donate or sale thing in good condition.

Keep everything on reaching distance– Try to hang as many items as you can. Whatever you are not able the hang, fold on an open shelve, this way you are able to see it. Many times we are not wearing some fabulous this just because we don’t see them out there.

Take pictures of your shoes– If you don’t save the boxes you can go to the container store (one of my faves) and get plastic containers. If you still have a one step 600 Polaroid classic you can take your pictures that way or if you have a regular camera you just have to print the pictures.  This way you can organize your shoes and save them from dust.

Display your jewelry- You can find many style of hangers for your jewelry. You can display them in your bathroom or on your dresser for a very chic look.


2 responses to “Tips for a More Organize Closet

  1. that is so true, i have to immediately organize it…

  2. Great ideas! I’ve always wanted to do the pictures of my shoes, and have never gotten around to it. Hopefully soon!
    XO Piper

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