5 Little Tricks to Look Slimmer

Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker


* Nude Shoes– I have mention this trick before; wearing skin tone shoes elongates not only your legs but your body. During the winter, try to match your pants with your shoes. In the case of jean thought Brown shoes would do the trick.

Rachel Bilson and Jergens natural glow

*Get Some Color– I have to admit I use to be a bit “tanorexic”. This year I decide to live a healthier life and only use Natural Glow by Jergens (love it). The reason is that a tanner skin helps you look slimmer and reduces the visibilities of blemishes in your body.

Manolo Blahnik

*I learned this trick from the show “What Not to Wear” on TLC; Wear high heels with pointy toe. The slim look of the shoe elongates your body.

Zoe Saldana

* One tone Dress– having the top and bottom the same color makes a vertical line creating the illusion of a taller and thinner body.

* V- neckline is your BFF– the V neck cut makes your upper body the focus, at the same time elongation your body. Also V neck is flattering for every face and body shape.


2 responses to “5 Little Tricks to Look Slimmer

  1. Hey, thanks for the tips. I like Dakota’s dress on the photo.

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