..:: Beauty Tip ::..

We all know how important hair is. Having a beautiful hair is as important as having a great outfit. Because of this we torture our hair so much, all for the name of fashion and style. We can find many conditioner, oils, shampoos, and many other products that promise to help our damage hair, but the truth is on till we are able to wash our hair the right way (yes there is a right way), It is going to be difficult for your hair to look its best!
  • Start by brushing your hair before you get in the shower.
  • Use only a quarter size amount of shampoo.
  • Use your finger, not your finger nail to knead the scalp.
  • When using conditioner start from the roots till ¾ from the way up. Do not get any conditioner on your scalp because it causes greasy roots.
  • Leave conditioner on for about 5 minutes.
  • Finish washing your hair with cold water, to seal the cuticles and shine.


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