Spotlight of the Month: Sarah Bledsoe

A few months ago, while working on a photo shoot I had the chance to meet, Sarah Bledsoe. At first I was amazed at how stunningly beautiful she is. (Actually everyone was amazed of how beautiful she looks another model out of no were looked at her and out of nowhere she just said, “you are perfect” ) But we all know that just having the looks does not make a model. I was extremely excited when we finally had the chance to shoot and people let me tell you, she was AMAZING!!!

Why modeling?

I started modeling when I was 15, but definitely wasn’t expecting it. As a kid I was very much a tomboy, and the last thing I was interested in was fashion. Growing up, everybody wanted me to play basketball, which I wasn’t any good at by the way… Well when I got into junior high people started telling me instead to do modeling. After a few years I decided I might as well give it a try. By now I was a freshman in high school and I had a friend who was modeling with an agency in Houston called Neal Hamil. He was nice enough to take me up to meet them where I got signed 🙂 So no, I wasn’t always interested in this industry, but I love it now! The summer after getting signed I was lucky enough to start traveling overseas. Since I was still in school I could only go for the summers, but I fell in love. This gives me the chance to see the world, where others may never get a chance like this; I’m extremely lucky and grateful!

Who is your role model in the industry?

Honestly, since I wasn’t into fashion as a child, I never really gained any role models within the industry, but instead respect. I really look up to some models values and efforts. So many girls try to get into this industry and give up too easily, these girls had the strength to push past all the negativity that was thrown at them and become the respectable women they are.

Who would you love working with?

I really love ALOT of designers. They all have something unique and beautiful to put on the table. Personally though I really enjoy Burberry, they are young and fun outfits that you can’t help but feel great in 🙂 I would definitely LOVE to work with them!

What are some of your beauty secrets?

Beauty secrets? Wow ha let see. Honestly I think it’s all about the little things. Beauty comes from within so when you do small things like treating yourself to a foot bath or painting your nails, you feel pampered and special, which radiates from your pores 🙂 The only tip that I have to offer is a bit odd, but it’s a little trick we use for pimples. I personally don’t waste my time or money on over the counter acne creams, toothpaste is the way to go lol. Sounds really strange, but it works really well as a spot treatment, I don’t know why but it does. You just have to be careful not to leave it on too long otherwise it can dry out your skin.

What are some of your most recent projects? And what are your plans for the future?

At the moment I’ve left Milan where I stayed 2 months with joy models, and am now in Hamburg Germany where I was lucky enough to get with place models 🙂 At the end of the month I will be heading to Greece for a month or so which should be nice! For my future I plan on seeing as much as I can!! I hope to go to London and New York City 🙂

What are your hobbies?

As for hobbies, I just like to hang out with my friends. Live like there’s no tomorrow and have a good time! You meet some of the coolest people when you travel, and to me, I think that’s the coolest hobby a person could have.


One response to “Spotlight of the Month: Sarah Bledsoe

  1. Sounds like you are having a terrific time and really breaking into the modeling industry. Although I have never had the pleasure of having you in class, I feel like I know you through your mom. I wish you all of the best and look forward to hearing more about your modeling adventures!

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