Fabulous Giveaway for my Houston Fashionistas!!!!

Houston fashionistas, who wants to go to one of Simon Fashion Now, fashion show on Friday, September 10 aka FASHION’S NIGHT OUT!?!?!
All you have to do is
  1. Tell me who your favorite designer of all time is.
  2. Suggest Classy and Fabulous to all your facebook and Twitter friends
The giveaway includes; reserved seating for one of the Friends & Trends shows on Friday, September 10.  Also a Fabulous swag bag full of goodies!!!
You have on till Tuesday, September 7 at 12pm (noon)  to enter. I will announce the winner  later that day!
Good luck fashionistas


11 responses to “Fabulous Giveaway for my Houston Fashionistas!!!!

  1. 1.Hubert De Givenchy is my favorite designer. I love Coco, McQueen, and Galliano, but still my favorite one is Givenchy.
    3. Been done. lol

  2. lisa menendez-gohn

    Vera Wang is classy and fabulous
    of course darling
    have been for years

  3. 1. Versace
    2. Done!
    3. Done!

  4. Hey Monica!
    My favorite all-time designer is Chanel!
    I just found your blog and I am now following you on facebook too and I put you are a favorite on my etsy site!
    I also sent you an email bc I am a Houston fashion blogger as well!
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. :o( I don’t know why it didn’t post earlier-but here I am again!
    1. Coco Chanel was/is timeless. She was innovative and believed in her design which is why she is still a modern day staple and will remain a classic. She is my favorite!
    2. Already done, and I do every Friday for #FF!
    3. Always! ….and classy! ;o)
    ***I adore your blog, gorgeous! ❤

  6. 1. I would say Ralph Lauren. Unlike the traditional Lacroixes, Diors, and Chanels from across the Atlantic, Ralph Lauren is uniquely American and helped to create an American fashion identity. Also, Ralph Lauren’s the official designer for the U.S. Olympic Team =)

    2. Done

    3. Always!!

  7. MARC JACOBS! he is amazing, always changing and always fresh. I love his point of view. Its quirky and its like he designs for me haha, oh how i wish.

    and yay for last minute entry 🙂

  8. Of course Vera Wang is my fave designer. I would love to go to this event. Iv’e been talking it for a few weeks.

  9. shared on my wall…and I would LOVE to go.

    I think Gwen Stefani is a great designer and YES…I shared with my fans… I want to dress pretty Friday night… please send me to the show


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