Mulberry for Target!

As a true bag-aholic, as soon as I found out about the collaboration between everyone’s fave store Target and fabulous Brit fashion house Mulberry, to create affordable Mulberry handbags, I was counting down the days till 10-10-10 when they hit stores.

As soon I got out of bed I had a game plan ready with my (very understanding) Hubby . To be honest I underestimated the popularity of Mulberry. We arrived at our local Target around 10:30 am and guess what? Most of them WERE GONE!!!!! I asked one of the lovely workers if they had any more in the back and she said that sadly, NO. She also said that before they opened, there was already a line JUST FOR THE BAGS. I was able to get one of the bags that I was planning to purchase (The black one). Thankfully the very helpful Target girl was able to find another target that had some extra bags near our area.

As soon as we arrived to the 2nd Target I was expecting the worst. Thankfully they still had one bag left in the style that I wanted.


I love that the bags are extremely similar to the original $1,000+ Mulberry bags. Yes the materials that the bags are made are cheaper than the original bags, BUT they are still extremely fabulous, stylish and at a very affordable price.

So did you guys go shopping during the fabulous Mulberry for Target day? What bag was your favorite?


4 responses to “Mulberry for Target!

  1. OMG I saw these the other night when we were stopping by Target in a mad dash! I LOVE that black one though, I didnt see that one. I saw the hot pink leopard one that they had which was really cute but I dont know how often I would carry it!


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  3. i lov that one too! 😉
    tks for the visit!

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