Date Night

My hubby and I have been together for 5 years (married for 2 and a half), so we have been together for a while now. Something that we try to do, to keep the relationship “young” is to go on dates.  Ladies trust me it is very important to go out on dates with your hubby and get all cute and ready just like when you two were dating at least once a month. Some people think that after getting married, all that getting ready and cute it is not important any more. I am not a therapist, or was I a psychology major in college (I was a Bio major actually… I know weird right), but something that I have learn from my few years as a married woman is that you should not let yourself go.
I hope you don’t think that the reason why I’m telling you not to let yourself go is for your husband. I mean yes you should want for your significant other to appreciate your beauty BUT I am a huge believer that fashion is good for the soul. When you feel beautiful, you attitude changes to a more positive and confident attitude.  Everyone at some point has experience that special outfit or accessories that magically make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.
So ladies, when both of you have a chance to go out on a date  ( or if you are a single lady, for some girls night out ) , here are some options of what to wear.

Lunch Date

I know we live in a busy world, so how about a lunch date. If it’s during the week then more than likely you are going to wear business apparel, but during the weekend or you can go casual with a cute skirt, and cardigan. I prefer to wear flats but you can go on heel or wedges.

Movie Date

This is the typical date so go casual, except if you are going to dinner before or after.

Dancing Date

FUN!!!!! It really up to what type of dancing you are doing, but for this you need a fun, flirty outfit!

Dinner Date

To me a dinner date can be a very romantic date. For some reason it reminds me of the earlier days when everything was new. Try to dress up a little more , just like when you guys started dating… cute!


2 responses to “Date Night

  1. I love this post! AND being married almost 5 years, I completely agree with you! We still do date night every Friday night to keep things fresh and new. It is SO important to do things alone together.
    I love the shoes in the last outfit!


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