Fashionista’s Best Friend

This month, my oldest puppy Bambo is turns 12 (aka 84 in human years!!!) This might be crazy to some people, but to me he is my furry son. He has been there with me since my young high school teen years, my college graduation, MY WEDDING!!!! He is so important to me that before introducing my hubby to my parents, I had to find out if he and Bambo would get along. Thankfully my hubby and Bambo got along perfectly and I was able to convert my hubby into the idea that bamboo is our furry first born. Yes, I also have a little girl puppy name Sicily (age 3) that I also love more than anything, but Bambo and I have that special bond, since at one point in our life it was only me and him.


Here are other fashionistas who can’t live without their four legged BFF…

Donna Karan and Steph

Tommy Hilfiger with Dylan & Jimmi

Isaac Mizrahi & Harry

Vera Wang with Cooper, Sam & Lucy

Frida Giannini & Gunner

Oscar de la Renta

Marc Jacobs with Daisy & Alfred

Miranda Kerr & Frankie

Coco Beckham, Victoria Beckham's Doggie


Photos From:
Nadine & the city


4 responses to “Fashionista’s Best Friend

  1. I am SUCH a dog person!!!!!


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  3. It’s real precise article. Thanks for conversation nigh it as I am fascinated in this someone.

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