Just Fed 150 Children

Yesterday the Hubby and I went shopping to the fabulous Houston Galleria. We stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar for some Pop Rocks (love them!)  There we notice a stand selling these cute tote bags that said feed 100 and feed 50. We instantly knew that the bag were from the UNICEF Feed Project so we decided to purchase them. When we were checking out the sweet lady asked if we wanted to meet Lauren Bush. Of course we said yes and she thank us for purchasing the bags!  She is so lovely.

*Oh BTW Dylan Lauren was also there but I didn’t realized she was right next to us on till we were leaving… so embarrassing =(*

FEED 50 Haiti

FEED 100 Africa

You can find more fabulous UNICEF products here http://www.unicefusa.org/


3 responses to “Just Fed 150 Children

  1. love this combo!!!!


  2. oops, that comment was supposed to be for the “camel and red” post! Butttt wanted to also comment on this post and say you’re not only looking beautiful but what a beautiful thing for you to do! xoxoxox


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