Spotlight of the Month: LilahGabriel

I said it once and I’ll say it again, my city is fabulous. LilahGabriel is a Houston base jewelry line, started by a fabulous creative couple name Jessica and Jason (Cuteness!!!). Jessica is an accomplished fashion designer who graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2004. Working very successfully in NY for 8 years, her first collection was shown with Moises de la Renta, which was featured in The Train NYC. As her experience grew, Jessica moved to Houston, TX for a design opportunity where she met Jason. Jason is an incredible and detailed jewelry designer with over 10 years of experience. He has designed custom fine jewelry pieces for a multitude of high end clients.  Jason and Jessica are looking forward to accessorizing girls and women all around the world.

Why the name Lilahgabriel?
LilahGabriel is designed by me, Jessica and my husband, Jason. Lilah is my(Jessica) middle name and
Gabriel is Jason’s. We loved the way the names looked next to each other as well as how they sound
together. LilahGabriel sounds feminine with a bit of edge, like our jewelry.
How long has Lilahgabriel been on the market?
LilahGabriel has been on a limited market for about one year but has become more accessible in past
few months.
Where do you get the inspiration to create your designs?
We are inspired by the most random things! From classical paintings and architecture, antique textiles
and jewelry, to graffiti, animals/reptiles, and even camping stores! We also can be very conceptual and
are inspired by ideas and emotions.


Do you try to send out a message or theme in your designs?
We design around concepts so depending on the piece or collection, the concept varies. Overall, we like
every piece to be viewed as an “outfit” and not an afterthought, hence the custom steel hangers each
necklace comes with. We want the accessory to have the same importance as the garments.


What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?
Our strengths would definitely include experience, vast technical ability in all aspects of design
and production, broad knowledge of the markets and customer, and raw talent. We wouldn’t
necessarily say we have a weakness as opposed to being in a constant state of learning. No matter how
experienced, knowledgeable, and talented, one is in a constant state of learning and correcting.


What is your favorite piece from your line?
Hard question!! We love them all. I would say Adrienne as we are a bit


obsessed with pearls rightnow. And Alaina as it is so versatile. But in the end, we could give you a reason for why every piece is a


Who is the type of fashionistas your jewelry is designed for?
The LilahGabriel girl is timeless, independent, passionate, confident, and just has a huge love for life and
all things beautiful.
What is your price range?
Our prices range from $87 to $400.


Where can we find your jewelery?
First, of course, for the largest selection! Coquette Boutique and Bistro on
Westheimer. Peel Gallery on Montrose. There are also plans in the works for some limited international
and national sales platforms, so stay tuned!



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