A Schnauzer’s Christmas

To say that I’m OBSESS with my dogs is definitively an understatement. During Christmas my schnauzers ( or similar dogs ) are EVERYWHERE!!! I found a few decoration and ornaments that i want to share with you guys. I actually had to painted all of them to look similar to my dogs ( I know, silly me right )

As you can imagine, I’m not even near done with my Schnauzer Christmas Decor. If you find more fabulous Schnauzer decorations, please let me know where i can find them.

Is anyone earls as obsess with their dogs as I am? or am i the only insane one ?

Lastly I would like to share with you what was our Christmas card 2 years ago lol


9 responses to “A Schnauzer’s Christmas

  1. Adorable!!! Your babies are so cute. Here’s a link to a schnauzer ornament at one of my favorite online ornament shops:
    Have a beautiful day sweetie!
    XO Piper

  2. Hi Monica
    I definitively like your “Schnauzer-obsession” 🙂
    It looks really great to have everywhere Schnauzers. Here in Switzerland we have not so much cute Schnauzers zu buy.
    I wish you and your dogs very Christmas and a happy New Year!
    Kind regards from Switzerland
    Jacky with “Giant Chenoa” and “Little Giant Henry”

    • Thank you so much Schnauzers are definitively a Christmas dog lol!
      I’m pretty sure Switzerland has some pretty fabulous ornaments also!
      Thank you for your sweet wishes and hope you have an amazing Christmas and new years also =)


    I miss my dogs, they live at my parent’s home! Golden Retrievers! Can’t wait to see them tomorrow at THANKSGIVING DINNER! 🙂


  4. I just came across your FB page and love your website! I too have some common obsessions namely fashion and my pup! I have a dachshund (weenie dog) and I HAVE to have everything weenie dog I see cuz they are so darn cute! Will def enjoy checking out your blog 🙂

  5. oh and I’m here in Houston too!

    • Hey Andie,
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog =) It is always nice to meet other houstonian fashionistas who love their doggies ❤
      I love Dachshunds they are uber cute and you are lucky because you can find tons of dachshund stuff… or at least i can find them everywhere lol
      Hope you keep checking C & F and giving me your input, love to hear from the fabulous readers =D

      ❤ M

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