Biography of Donna Karan

The archetypal New York designer, her signature wrap dresses are a staple of every fashionistas wardrobe.

Donna Faske, who would later become fashion mogul Donna Karan, was born in 1948 in Queens, New York. Indeed, her upbringing was tailored for a career as a budding fashion designer: her mother was a showroom model and her step-father was a practicing suit maker. Such influences and auspicious connections were not wasted on the young Karan, and she was admitted to the prestigious Parson’s School of Design in 1968.

While attending design school, Donna Karan managed to get a summer job working for designer Anne Klein. Her work was so impressive that, within two years, she was promoted to Associate Designer. A further boost to her career came shortly afterwards, as she was made head designer, at the age of 26.

She remained at the helm of this New York fashion house until 1985, when she decided to strike out on her own, and ‘Donna Karan New York’ was founded. Karan characteristically went from strength to strength; her first fall line, which she developed during her first six months of motherhood, was so impressive that the Council of Fashion named her designer of the year.

Many more consumers and critics were won over in years to come by Ms. Karan’s designs. These tend to be conceived with real people, not models, in mind, and she prides herself on making durable, wearable clothing, inspired by the bustling and hectic lifestyle of New York. Many have noticed in her a determination and professionalism but also deep stubbornness. Donna is a true New Yorker at heart.

Her success in the fashion world is evident: her labels, ‘Donna Karan’ and ‘DKNY’, are major fashion powerhouses, and she is respected as one of the world’s foremost designers.

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4 responses to “Biography of Donna Karan

  1. LOVE DK! She’s so amazing! And her DOG! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. I love love love her!! She is such a classic designer her!!! She def reminds me of your style!!


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