International Fashion Week Schedule Fall / winter 2011-2012


11 – 15  Fashion Rio Fall/Winter    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

15 -19   Milano Men’s Wear (Moda Uomo) Fall/Winter    Milan, Italy

17-20    Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter       Hong Kong, Hong Kong

17 -06   Milano Moda Showroom Fall/Winter       Milan, Italy

19-22   Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter      Berlin, Germany

20-23  Modea Paris Men’s Fashion Fall/Winter      Paris, France

24-27  Modea Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer       Paris, France

28 -02  São Paulo Fashion Week                   Sao Paulo, Brazil



01-07 Fashion Los Angeles Fall/Winter      Los Angeles, CA

02- 06 Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall/Winter       Copenhagen, Denmark

03-05 SIMM Madrid International Fashion Show Fall/Winter     Madrid, Spain

10-17 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Fall/ Winter      New York, NY

18-23  London Fashion Week Fall/Winter        London, UK

23-01  Milano Women’s Wear (Moda Donna) Fall/Winter         Milan, Italy


02 -09  Modea Paris Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter    Paris, France

03- 06  Miami International Fashion Week     Miami Beach, FL

20- 26 NOLA Fashion Week       New Orleans, LA


7 responses to “International Fashion Week Schedule Fall / winter 2011-2012

  1. wish i could travel to so many of these events!
    are you going to any? COME TO NYC!
    and be sure to check out the giveaway for a LEATHER JACKET on my blog today!


    • Oh same here!!!! I’m thinking of just going to NYC during fashion week even if i can’t go to any of the shows just to feel the fabulous fashion vibe!!!
      OMG I’m totally entering your giveaway!!!!

      ❤ M

  2. Ok so where are we going!!?? I am ready!!

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  4. I am so excited! New Orleans made the Internatinal fashion week list. Home Sweet Home.

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