Holidays 2010: Top Gift List

Here is a list of gift that I would love to give… and yes received during the holidays


A cute way to carry perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Dome Ring $42


Do I even have to say why I would love this =) : Sephora Endless color Blockbuster Collectors Edition 2010 $48


A great way for your eyelashes to stay curl longer and look amazing: Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler  $30



Love the FAUX fur trend but where I live it doesn’t  get as cold, so a vest is a fabulous option:  Faux Fur vest $ 90 ZARA stores


During my little trip I realized how much I needed a gorgeous tunic such as this one: ISSA $500


LBD is a most so, let give it a little sparkle:  Calvin Klein sequins dress $ 190




I’m just now starting to use Skype ( yes I know so late) and this is just super cute to talk to family and friends : Old school web phone $60



Coffee is a main part of my food groups:  Nescafe Dulce Gusto Circulo $150



Why wouldn’t I want one?:  iPad $500




Houston base jewelry designer s. The jewelry has an edgy and at the same time classy touch: Lilahgabriel ‘Alexandre’ necklace  $235



Someday I will have this bag, definitively my dream bag: Chanel 2.55


Gorgeous shoes form an up and coming fabulous shoe designer  Carlos Zuniga: Bessi Shoes ‘Stephanie’




I love books and when they are about dogs or fashion is even better: Book Louis Vuitton 100 legendary Trunks by Pierre Leonfurte & Eric Pujalet – Plaa $ 125


If I get an iPad it need to be wearing Oscar de la Renta: Osar de la Renta iPad case  $300


This is basically a need for any artist!: Artist Loft Creative Design Table $250


But the true gift of the holidays is to help others.  here are some of my favorite charities.

Charity Chicks Houston


Texas Hearing and Service Dogs

Catholic charities

Episcopal Charities

Mercy Corp

I’m also loving this JCPenny/ Salvation Army angel giving tree

and The Houston Galleria Salvation Army Angel Tree


2 responses to “Holidays 2010: Top Gift List

  1. I love your gift ideas, especially Lilahgabriel ‘Alexandre’ necklace and the fur coat and I always enjoy receiving books. And yes, this time of year it’s so much more important to think of others as well.

    • Oh i know that necklace is GORGEOUS!!!! if you get a chance you should totally get it! I love how unique the jewelry is. It totally feels like you are the only person wearing it. I’m going INSANE over FAUX fur. I have to be honest I’m against fur but i do appreciate the style, thats why i love how fabulous faux fur is becoming, oh and a book is always a great present… At least for me! But for sure the best gift is to give to others =) xoxo M

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