Did I style the movie ‘The Tourist’?

Is my memory so bad that I just can’t remember styling the movie The Tourist? (Starting Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp) Oh wait… that was not me but, Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood. But after seeing the STUNNING outfit you can’t blame me for being a bit confused.

The clothes is classic and simplistic, all of them in gorgeous neutral tones; All of this characteristic, some of my favorites in the fashion world. (J’ Adore!)

According to people.com, Atwood looked to classic film noir glamour. “My inspiration for [Jolie’s character] Elise’s costumes were the Hitchcock movies: minimal elegance,”

I wish I had better photos but I guess you guys would have to watch the movie.

access Hollywood





Ferragamo shoe

Oh and the makeup…. Love!!!!


2 responses to “Did I style the movie ‘The Tourist’?

  1. i will see the movie. Angelina is a powerful woman and in the withe dress, wow! is amazing!
    I love writte about the costume in movies and i really enjoy this post =)


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