Five Great Third Anniversary Gifts

It has been 3 years!

Today my wonderful hubby and I, are celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary! Can you believe it? I don’t think we are considered cute newlyweds any more. Any ways so I found out that the 3rd anniversary gift is traditionally leather and apparently in a modern list the gift is crystal/glass.

So here are my top 5 anniversary gifts for all my fellow fashionistas celebrating a 3rd anniversary!



Briefcase to look stylish and elegant at work


Watch, this can count as leather also depending on the style of band you get


Cuff Link & Shirt Stud Set


For boys night Poker set

For the cigar aficionado a humidor




Duffel bag  for the a little weekend vaca

Christian Louboutin

Classic pair of shoes


Judith Leiber




A gorgeous crystal necklace



Watch, maybe even getting matching watches


6 responses to “Five Great Third Anniversary Gifts

  1. congrats!!! didn’t know you were MARRIED! xoxox

  2. Happy anniversary! Such an exquisite selection. 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary! We had our 3rd in October. I got my husband a new wallet and belt. He wanted to get me a bag, but wanted me to shop with him for it. I couldn’t find anything I liked that was actual leather, but I found a pvc bag that I loooved and was out of my normal buy-for-myself price range that he bought for me. 🙂


    • Awww thank you! they are great gifts! Sometimes its to difficult to keep with the theme but the important part is that it comes from the heart ❤ Congrats also!

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